About us 

 Memsep Filtration Ltd is a young, dynamic company staffed by experienced and qualified personnel specialising in the manufacture and supply of critical filtration and separation solutions to a wide range of process fluids and applications including pharmaceutical, semiconductor and beverage industries.

We believe that manufacturing costs are of utmost concern as consumers seek access to lower cost products, and for producers to compete with competitor manufacturers.

In order for these low prices to be achievable, effective filtration is necessary to extend filter usage, reduce defects and improve yield, prolong equipment life, and create stable processes. 


 We aim at being unsurpassed in the filtration and separation of solvents and  in the supply of superior products, solutions and services to our customers.

Our added value is expressed in terms of supplying high quality products, product innovation and development.

We do not limit our business, hence pursue our customers worldwide.

We focus on developing superior products for Filtration requirements, customer value and passionate team.

Memsep has the filtration technology, manufacturing experience and process knowledge to help improve all critical processes.


We set ourselves to the highest possible standards having strong emphasis on development, performance and quality.

 All of our suppliers are certified with international quality management standard ISO 9001 which denotes our dedication towards quality improvement and business excellence.

Some of our quality standards are mentioned below

  • Manufactured for use in conformance with cGMP's

  • Manufactured in clean room Environments

  • All membrane filters are 100% integrity tested

  • ISO 9000 Certified Quality System

  • Meets USP Biological Reactivity Test in vivo for class VI-121°C plastics

  • Every filter tested during manufacture. Test correlated to microbial retention

  • Certificate of Quality includes:

    1. Fabrication Integrity

    2. Bacterial Retention

    3. Materials of Construction

    4. Effluent quality for cleanliness, TOC and Water Conductivity, pH and Pyrogens